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نیما قهرمانی

Nima Ghahremani

music instructor

Nima Ghahremani began learning Dotar from Mohammad Yeganeh at the age of seven and was fortunate in becoming a student of the Molla Gholamhosein Afkari during his teen years. He start learning Tar and SeTar from the age of 9 from his father and older brother. He continued his training for a brief time with Maestro Fariborz Azizi who has trained under supervision of famous masters as follows Hossein Alizadeh, Mohammad Reza Lotfi. Nima is Winner of several Fajr Awards and Javan awards for playing musical instruments . He graduated M.A. from Ferdowsi University of Mashhad in Civil Engineering. He has been teaching Tar and SeTar and DoTar for many years

نیما قهرمانی مدرس تار سه تار دوتار
نیما قهرمانی تار

سه تار

$ 70
/ Monthly
  • Online Setar lessons
  • 60minutes per week


$ 90
/ Monthly
  • Online Dotar lessons
  • 60minutes per week


$ 70
/ Monthly
  • Online Tar lessons
  • 60minutes per week